Unboxing Meditation

November 9, 2023

At Soulsway, we believe meditation expands beyond a quiet stillness that lives above the neck; it can serve to bring your soul and body into union. It’s holistic—a way to synchronize and balance all that makes you unique and whole, from your heart to your head, your soul to your skin. Soulsway provides the opportunity to free your meditation, to let it be whatever you need it to be.

We so often impose conditions on meditation—it needs to be quiet, I must be still, I have to be alone, it must be spiritual and not sensual, etc. The truth is, you are powerful enough to meditate on your terms, in any way, anytime, anywhere, at will. Meditation doesn’t adhere to any particular set of rules or circumstances; it belongs to you. The world doesn’t always provide ideal scenarios, but having tools to create a state of clarity and tranquility despite our surroundings gives us the ability to consistently and confidently meet our own needs.

Whether you’re experienced or brand new to meditation, there are many benefits. Soulsway doubles down on these benefits by offering a space to embody your meditation.

Let’s explore the benefits of our unique practice together.

Life can be chaotic, and stress can take its toll. We find ourselves longing to step away from the constant demands. Meditation provides a sanctuary to restore order in your mind, allowing you to unwind and find inner calm and clarity.

Soulsway’s embodied meditation has an added value of regulating your nervous system and bringing your body into a relaxed, trusting and nurtured state. It cultivates a self-sourced sense of safety and certainty.

Meditation helps you navigate the ups and downs of life with grace. In the rollercoaster of emotions it can be challenging to maintain emotional equilibrium. Meditation fosters the emotional intelligence needed to respond to situations with greater clarity and ease.

With Soulsway, we expand on this by allowing your body to be the compass guiding you to your soul’s true north. This practice helps steady you, allowing you to navigate life’s emotional terrain with the wisdom, flexibility, strength and resilience needed to overcome any challenges.

In a world filled with noise, distractions and time sucks, maintaining focus can feel like an uphill battle. Meditation enhances your ability to reprioritize where your attention is directed and your capacity to concentrate. This mental clarity can be a game-changer in your productivity and resulting satisfaction.

When you bring your whole self into a union through our unique soul-body meditations, you become increasingly more present. Using mindfulness to enliven your senses and bring your soul (source of unconditional love) to your embodied experience increases your awareness, illuminates unseen possibilities and helps identify powerful, self-loving responses. You’re able to pinpoint your highest priority needs and gather the innermost resources you have to meet them in all areas of your life.

Do you ever struggle with restlessness at night? Stress, late meals, exercise, caffeine and so much more can wreak havoc on a good night’s slumber, especially when you need it most. Meditation is proven to improve sleep quality, help you fall asleep easier and wake up feeling more refreshed and energized.

The beauty of adding your emotions and physicality into the meditation equation is the ability to check, balance and close out all accounts from the day. Soulsway classes provide you a safe space for inventory, release and refueling where it’s needed most so you can completely rest and rejuvenate.

Meditation is a journey inward, offering profound insights into your inner world. It’s a doorway to discovery of your innermost desires, values, and purpose. Amid the hustle and bustle of life, we often ignore or override our deepest knowing. Meditation restores our connection to our purpose and core values.

Soulsway’s approach to embodied meditation is grounded in self-awareness so you can remember how powerful you are. We are often conditioned to give our power away. To dismiss the brilliance of the body in favor of the mind (mind over matter!). To apologize for the body rather than revere it (excuse yourself for passing gas rather than celebrating your body’s ability to digest and release efficiently!). To shame your sexuality rather than celebrate it (“good girls” don’t dress/talk/walk like that). Practicing deep listening to your body and soul’s innermost truth is the ultimate forum for self discovery and advocacy!

Many scientific studies tout that regular meditation cultivates a sense of well-being, happiness, and contentment that radiates into every aspect of your life. By making meditation a part of your routine, you’re prone to see improvements in mental, emotional and physical health.

Soulsway takes the work out of doing the work by combining forces. Rather than having to commit to a workout, a meditation, a journaling session and, and, and, and…you meet so many of your self care needs in one place! Your mind, body, heart and soul all get what they need…the chance to serve you as intended so you can be your best self and live your best life!

Ready to Dive in?

To help you unbox your meditation, we invite you to lean into Soulsway. We have a virtual studio of classes and a library of resources designed to guide you home to your most authentic and powerful self. Newcomers and seasoned practitioners will all benefit because this isn’t a prescribed practice where the “teachers know best” or if you don’t do it “right” you’re doing it “wrong.” This is a journey tailored to you, where we merely support and cultivate you as the expert of your experience. No comparison, no judgment…only permission!

Just click the link below and find a safe, comfortable space to embark on this journey:

your virtual studio

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Remember, meditation is a practice, not perfection (that includes how you approach it!). Allow yourself to be curious, fully present, and let go of any expectations. Embrace the opportunity to connect with your inner self and explore the incredible benefits.

Feel free to share your experiences with us; we’d love to hear how Soulsway is impacting your life.

Together, let’s continue our journey toward holistic well-being and personal transformation!

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