It’s connecting the wisdom of your soul and the brilliance of your body. It’s a fusion of your humanity and spirituality that serves to remind you how powerful you are. Read more here.

We suggest starting with the new to soulsway page where you’re encouraged to  “TASTE” both foundational welcome classes (one Form and one Flow). From there, you are empowered to further “INDULGE” in the class format that best serves you.

For a monthly or annual fee you have access to our full on-demand library of classes and content. Daily, weekly, on your own terms, use these classes to design your ideal soulsway practice ritual.

We recommend creating a physically and emotionally safe space, free of disruption and distractions. While your body might decide not to take up an immense amount of space, we encourage you to have the space available to allow for that freedom of movement.

Find a space that allows for your entire body to move freely. Be sure to eliminate any corners, crowding or other obstacles. Incorporate what makes you feel supported, i.e. a mat, a blanket, pillows. Consider setting the mood with aromatherapy, lighting or anything that enlivens your senses and gets you more fully into your body. 

If you are moving on the floor, you may want a yoga mat or supportive layer of cushioning beneath you. You may want headphones or a speaker.  If you desire to journal, you may want pen and paper. Should you choose to incorporate any additional supportive elements (blankets, pillows, bolsters, candles, aromas, etc) those would be added to your space as well. 

Anything that is conducive to free, unrestricted movement.

No. You already have all the experience you need to participate. You are already soul-bodied.

This is optional and totally up to YOU! You are free to choose between two different formats.

We offer classes in which the music is embedded, thereby not requiring a streaming service, as well as classes with supporting playlists provided on Spotify. You can decide at any time which format serves you best.

When using Spotify, we do offer these pro tips: 

    • Be sure to open Spotify either in a new tab or on your desktop’s App. Doing so will enable you to adjust the music volume independent from the class volume.
    • Make sure your music volume is set to support the teacher voice – so both are equally audible for you.
    • Solidify the premium service option so you can enjoy class without commercial interruption.

    • Make sure the shuffle setting is turned OFF on your supporting playlist before class begins (so you stay in sync with the rhythm and timing of your class).

*Note* When taking class on mobile, we recommend classes that do not require an accompanying playlist as you will not be able to adjust the volume of the playlist.

Please do! As many times as you like. You can have (ehem, create) a unique experience each and every time.

No, you are free to explore any class at any time in any order. There are no designated beginner classes because soulsway was designed to speak to any and every body at any time regardless of prior training or proficiency.

That said, we recommend starting with the “New to Soulsway” taster classes. These classes utilize the same curriculum as all the others, but were designed as a springboard into the practice. Each class is about being soulfully embodied and creating the unique experience YOU need most in any moment.

There are no fixed times for classes so we can cater to a variety of schedules and the varying needs you may have day to day.

We offer a spectrum of classes that range in duration from 20 to 50 minutes in length.

The foundational classes (Form & Flow) are our core curriculum. All other classes are specialized to hone in on specific aspects of the core curriculum for a deeper experience of that particular facet. See full class descriptions here. 

Absolutely. That said, we do speak to the feminine body during this class. However, the focus is on sexual, sensual and erotic energy and anyone who feels called to participate is welcome.

We have a movements and modifications video that addresses many common concerns around the physical aspects of this practice. We acknowledge there will be questions this video doesn’t cover so we invite you to reach out to us for support.  We are committed to making this practice as inclusive, accessible and fulfilling as possible. 

We do offer the opportunity to schedule private events, virtual and/or in person sessions. Contact us for inquiry, or email info@soulswaypractice.com.

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