You are designed to sway.

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soul-sourced embodiment.

This is embodiment.
This is empowerment.
This is soulsway.

soulsway is a practice—connecting your body, mind, heart and soul. In classes, you'll experience a moving meditation to regulate your nervous system and find both comfort and confidence in your own skin.

Here's why soulsway works...

soulsway offers a unique blend of scientifically proven movement and meditation methods to bring you back into your most powerful self…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Membership is only $37 per month.

Our physical, mental and emotional health is crucial. Whether you practice daily or weekly, soulsway offers a reliable ritual of self-care and  vital time to nurture your soul-body connection.

What does a

class look like?

What does a soulsway class . like?

Our variety of classes meet your unique needs

Create your ideal practice through our on-demand and livestream studio membership. On your time, your terms

Your first 7 days of soulsway are on us.

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