That is your power.

*somatic practices put you in dialogue with your body.

This is the art of turning inward and surveying yourself. The focus is on your internal sensations and personal experiences, rather than external appearances or performative techniques.

Where The Science of Soul Meets Soma.

As a trusted movement practice, soulsway is designed to connect you to the natural power and comfort your body holds.

soul (n.)  source of unconditional love, i.e. the energetically sound spiritual or non-material part of a person

sway (n.) — naturally soothing, self-guided movements, embodying flexibility, resilience and power of self-influence

You’ll explore a full range of somatic* movement and expression, allowing you to naturally regulate your nervous system, enjoy your body & affirm your intrinsic self.

We Started Soulsway After A Lot of Soul-Searching Ourselves.

Our founders, Alexis and Janelle have spent two combined decades working as expert instructors in the wellness industry, from training celebrity clients to hosting community classes. 

As teachers and creatives, they became curious (and constructively critical) about the shadow values of wellness—and the ways in which fitness spaces can often perpetuate unhealthy ideals, promote stereotypes and stoke insecurities.

Utilizing their own lived experiences in the industry, trusted healing modalities and accreditations in somatics, they began to forge a new way of movement for themselves and their clients. Thus, soulsway was born.

we are committed to Creating movement classes where true wellness is possible.

* we meet you where you are.

You don't need to “advance” through or navigate class hierarchies, which means each class can serve you at any time. 

* your agenda, is the only agenda.

We have all been alienated and misaligned from our inner world by catering to the world around us— soulsway is an opportunity to center yourself.

* There is no right way to practice.

In every class, you can follow the guided movements or redesign the session in alignment with your own emotional, mental or physical needs.

Your soul-body connection is a natural resource.

The fusion of soma and soul unlocks your potential energy and expands your innate vitality.

Somatic practices have proven benefits such as...

... cultivating mindful body awareness.

... expanding your range of movement.

... enhancing flexibility - physically, mentally, emotionally.

...increasing your natural curiosity & creativity.

...reduces stress and aids recovery by increasing vagal tone.

... strengthening your internal awareness and external expression.

... regulating your nervous system.

... fostering self influence.

The Soul / Body Paradox

At soulsway, we have our own approach to this fusion called The Soul Body Paradox. Championed by our co-founder, Alexis Artin, The Soul Body Paradox frames The Soul and The Body as a pair of complementary opposites: The Soul is infinite, interconnected and certain, while The Body is finite, separate and uncertain. The heart and the mind serve as a grounding bridge, balancing the two.

In soulsway classes, you will practice re-establishing and strengthening that bridge. You'll learn to trust the brilliance of your body and wisdom of your soul, releasing the expectations, stresses and pressures that do not serve you, while aligning with your own inherent truths. You'll nurture self-permission and patience over performance and perfection, to further remind you how powerful you are.

And, as you begin to listen deeply to what you need most—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually—you'll take the space you create in class into your everyday life.

The Soul / Body Paradox

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