The Soul Body Paradox

March 11, 2024

In life, the soul is the 'why',
and the body is the 'how' of our experience.

This fundamental idea lies at the core of The Soul Body Paradox®, the trademarked philosophy everything at Soulsway is founded on. It’s rooted in the scientific principles that we are made of energy and matter. By understanding this we are able to realize how our energy (the soul) guides us on our journey, while our physicality (the body) gives us the ability to experience.

Outlining the Paradox

The Soul Body Paradox sees the soul and body as complementary opposites.

  • The SOUL is certain due to the infinite nature of energy being neither created or destroyed. It knows no beginning or end making it interconnected with all existence for all time.
  • The BODY is uncertain due to its finite nature of having physical limitations and a restricted lifespan. It operates under the looming threat of extinction.

Think of the soul as “angelic” (soul as an acronym for Source of Unconditional Love) and the body as “animalistic” (body as an acronym for Biology of Defending Yourself).

Understanding the Paradox

To bridge these two opposing realms, the heart and mind serve as grounding forces necessary in this world of what can feel ripe with internal conflict (who hasn’t lacked a sense of certainty or confidence in their life?!). This bridge connects the spiritual and physical aspects of ourselves so they can support one another the way they are designed to. It highlights the important realization that we are the sum of ALL our parts and balance among them is crucial. When the bridge is trustworthy and intact, it effortlessly connects these inner worlds. When the bridge is unreliable and disjointed, it is not only dangerous to cross but impossible to trust. Soulsway Practice builds and fortifies a bridge you can dance freely back and forth on, from your soul to your skin.

Practicing the Paradox

These dynamics shape our identity and we are each our own creators. At Soulsway, our classes invite strengthening the connection between soul and body by removing the external gaze and expectations the world heaps on us. Each class offers the inspiration for deep inward listening to your body as your soul’s number one feedback system. This practice creates the space for clarity, trust and authentic confidence to form by inviting the certainty, unconditional love and permission form your soul to the uncertainty, fear and protection your body holds.

Deepening your understanding of the Soul Body Paradox enables you to let go of the need to “play it safe”. The space created in our classes becomes a blueprint for embodying presence, confidence and comfort in daily life. It frees you from shrinking under what others think or feel so you can swell into the truth…there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Soul Body Paradox changes everything.

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