Our Founders

Alexis & Janelle are soul sisters. 

Together, the two have spent the last decade transforming Hollywood's A-List & Fortune 100 Executive clients through a unique blend of embodiment, meditation, mindfulness and sensual fitness classes.

Alexis Artin

Alexis Artin is an embodiment teacher, multi-certified and licensed coach based in Los Angeles.


She began dancing at the age of four and has since shaped global fitness brands and created game-changing wellness experiences for an array of students and celebrity clients alike. Combining movement, meditation, somatic science and trusted coaching frameworks, her approach to wellness is holistic—focusing distinctly on mending the bridges between the heart, mind, body and soul.


As the co-founder of soulsway and the creator of The Soul-Body Paradox, Alexis is ultimately a student of human behavior. From her private practice to her public classes, she spends her time exemplifying the soul-body's natural power and capacity to self-heal.

Janelle Marra

Janelle Marra, co-founder of soulsway, is an embodiment teacher, certified birth doula and energy healing practitioner.


Currently based in Florida, Janelle has led retreats, workshops and classes around the world for independent collectives and global brands. From teaching movement for hundreds of students to training practitioners in energy healing, she has become a passionate (and accredited) advocate for the body's ability to heal. She maintains a Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of Southern California, alongside trainings in birth-work, trauma-informed somatics and sensual embodiment. She is one of the first Americans certified in Siwa Murti, and a leading trainer in this Balinese form of energy healing. 


Using her intellectual knowledge of human behavior, lived experience and background in emotional arts, she's on a mission to create spaces where we can all live more vibrant, embodied, and healthful lives.

Move With Us!

"Soulsway is so invigorating and beautifully moving. I feel so supported to explore my freedom with the spectrum of guidance provided by Alexis and Janelle. The combination of movement, inspired words and onpoint music enables me to drop deeply into all of myself. I feel led and taken care of and don’t ever want it to end."
Erin Carlson
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